Monday, August 5, 2013


    I am starting this blog because I am totally inspired by a beautiful girl named Zoella! If you do not know anything about her, you should go check out her blog and her YouTube channel!
    Anyways, my name is Lindsey, I turn eighteen years old on the twenty-eighth of September. I get very excited over little things. I love everything makeup and beauty related! I also am a dancer. I am very passionate about dancing. I have been dancing for 14 years! I have many role models and people I look up to, but the main person I strive to be like is Princess Kate Middleton. I think that she is always so respectful and beautiful and she carries herself with such grace and poise and I strive to be that everyday. She is such a beautiful lady.  If you all want I can update a lot more often! I have two YouTube channels!

YouTube: LindseyShields1

Instagram: Lindseyshields1

Twitter: Lindseyshields1

FaceBook: Lindsey Shields

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